Quickstart Guide - Admin

Welcome to SureTel

We want you to succeed and this guide will help you get your account setup. 

If you haven't done so already we highly recommend you schedule a complimentary one-on-one setup consultation. You can schedule one anytime  here.

1) If you are a real go getter and would rather just have all of the information. Here is a download link to our full  admin guide

2) The first step is to login. The welcome email you received should have the  portal address. As well as your username. Your password was set on signup unless we created the account. If we created it and you can't remember go ahead and use the Forgot Password link on the login portal and a temporary one will be sent to you. 

3) Now that you are logged in the first step is very important. We need to configure you E911 service to the address where your users will be calling from.  Click here for information on E911 Setup. Failure to complete this step will mean you and your users will not have access to emergency services from the SureTel phone system.

3) Now that you are logged in its time for the fun stuff. Lets start with adding some  Extensions.

4) Now that we have extensions its time to either create any advanced call routing like  IVR or RingGroup.

5) We are now ready to point your  DID Routing to the proper destination so calls complete properly.

6) Now that we have your company PBX configured we can start adding  Devices.

7) Finally your are ready to rumble make some calls, receive some calls, enjoy!

We are always here if you need help just reach out to  SureTel Support 

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