Managing your Extension

Here is an overview of all of the great things you can do with your SureTel extension.


Portal Overview                        Extension Settings Overview

We hope you are enjoying using SureTel. This article will walk you through configuring and managing your extension settings. 

Portal Overview

1) First lets login to the portal via Click Extension and enter your Extension #, Password, and Tenant ID. If you do not have your Tenant ID please contact your admin. If you have forgotten your password then click the Forgot Password link and we will send you a temporary one to login with.

2) After you are logged in your will see the following sections-

Dashboard - Here you will find an overview of all of your features. It will show you if they are enabled or not. You will also quickly see how how many voicemail and call recordings as well as your speed dial list.

Extension Settings - This is where you will manage all the settings for your extension to properly route phone calls.

Recordings - On this screen you will find any calls that you have manually initiated a call recording on using the feature code *6 during a call

Phonebook - In this section you can manage your contact list that is synchronized with our apps as well as your personal speed dial. These speed dials are only available to you on your devices.

Voicemail - This section allows you to view current voicemails as well as configure all voicemail settings. You can also do the same from your desk phone. This voicemail guide will provide you with more information.

Security - The security section is where you can blacklist numbers from calling you. 

Reports - Here you will find all of the logs for your extension as well as a feature code list for extra features available via your phone.

3) The last section to cover is the profile settings. You can access these by clicking on the picture in the upper right hand corner and selecting  Profile. You can also manage your password from the picture tab.

Inside of profile you will find the following items:

Caller ID Name: This is what other phones see you as

Extension Name: This is how other phones BLF keys see you. Your internal name.

SIP Password: Is automatically set on your phone if you are using provisioning. If you are using a non SureTel app you will need this to register your extension.

From this screen you can also manage your profile picture, email, and time zone.

Extension Settings Overview

You can find all of your extension settings via the Extension Settings Tab in the web portal.

Holiday: If admin decides to use the holiday feature this is what will happen to your extension in holiday mode.

Weekoff: Same as Holiday this is an admin enabled feature.

Shift: If you are restricted to a shift this is what will happen outside of that time period.

Universal Forward: This feature will overrule all other settings and send you calls to this destination.

Busy Forward: If enabled this will disable call-waiting and automatically send call to voicemail or other destination if you are currently on the phone.

No Answer Forward: If you do not answer you phone this is where the call will be routed.

Unavailable Forward: If you are not logged in via a phone or apps this is what will happen to your calls. 

Selective Forward: This feature allows you to forward calls from specific numbers to another destination.

Time Based Forward: Allows you to forward calls during a time period to another destination.

Follow-Me: Allows call to ring multiple locations to find you. A guide for setting this up is  here.

Ring Timeout: The amount of time a call will ring at each destination. For instance if you are using Follow-Me it would ring each locaion for this number of seconds.

Dial Timeout: Amount of time the phone will ring when calling out to another person.

Auto Recording: If you admin does not have enabled by default you can choose to enable/disable call recording.

As always if you need any help please reach out to  SureTel Support.

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