Voicemail Options Via a Desk Phone or Mobile App

Below are all of the voicemail options. To get started you need to call in to voicemail this can be done by either dialing ** or pressing the mail icon on your phone.

Once you have connected the following options are available.

To record your primary greeting press 5, 1, 1 while connected to voicemail.

The main menu options for voice mail are as follows:

Key                   Action

1                       Listen to new messages
2                       Listen to saved messages
5                       Advanced options
#                       Exit voicemail

While listening to new or saved messages the user has these options:

Key                 Action
1                     Listen to the message from the beginning
2                    Save message
4                    Rewind
6                    Fast forward
7                    Delete
0                    Pause playback
*                    Skip the envelope information (Date/time and sender)

After the message has been played the options are:

Key                Action
1                    Listen to the message from the beginning
2                   Save message
7                   Delete

The advanced menu options are:

Key             Action
1                  Record greeting
2                 Choose greeting
3                 Record name
6                 Change password
0                 Main menu

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