Voicemail Options Via Web Portal

All of the above options can also be managed online via the web portal.

There are 3 parts to managing voicemail online via pbx.suretel.co.

1) Voicemail Greetings

Greeting can be managed via upload, deleted, or recording can be initialized via the web portal by going to Voicemail --> Voicemail Greetings --> Add Voicemail Greeting.

To upload select File. To have the system call you select Recording.

2) Voicemail Settings

Voicemail has many options that can be edited via the web interface. These options are available via Voicemail --> Voicemail Settings.

Voicemail to Email: Messages will be delivered to your email

Delete Voicemail After Emailing: This will automatically delete any messages that are received from the server upon emailing them to the email on file.

Skip Greeting: This will ignore any greeting you have set and just give instruction to leave a message.

Skip Instructions: This will disable the computer message saying what to do after leaving a message and will just beep after your greeting.

Skip Voicemail Password: This will allow your desk phone to automatically authenticate voicemail. You will no longer need to enter a password from that device.

Deliver Voicemails To: Gives you the ability to deliver voicemails to another email address.

3) Voicemail Messages

This screen allows you to view your saved messages. 

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