International Calling Rates

Here are our current international rates. Don't worry you can call any country you need. We are only adding them on an as needed basis. If you would like to know another countries rate just shoot us an email to and a rep will get that to you. Please keep in mind to prevent fraud we only enable international calling upon request. If you need to call these or any other country please contact support. 

To dial internationally just add 011 before the Country code (i.e if calling England 01144XXXXXXXXX). This ensures that the call gets routed outside of the country. 

Country Code Country Rate Per Minute
1 USA-Canada Unlimited Included*
31 Netherlands $0.030
316, 319 Netherlands-Mobile $0.31
33 France $0.045
43 Austria $0.135
44 England $0.035
47 Norway $0.025
52 Mexico $0.030
61 Australia $0.035
64 New Zealand $0.20
65 Singapore $0.030
81 Japan $0.075
86 China $0.070
91 India $0.035
965 Kuwait $0.08
966 Saudi Arabia $0.12
971 United Arab Emirates $0.20
37 Romania $0.035

All rates are subject to change.

* Based on fair usage. Absolutely no dialed traffic.

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