Quickstart Guide - Extension

We are excited to welcome you to SureTel. We want you to succeed and this guide will help with managing your extension. 

This guide assumes that your admin has already configured your device, completed the intial extension setup, and provided you with your password.

1) Lets configured your voicemail.

2) Now lets login to the online portal and give you a tour. The first step is to login. Your admin should have provided you with a extension number, password, and tenant ID. If you do not know your password go ahead and use the Forgot Password link on the login portal and a temporary one will be sent to you. You can access the online portal here https://pbx.suretel.co.

3) Lets get you some apps to enhance your user experience. All of our apps allow you to not only accept and make calls but also let you manage features and voicemails from anywhere. The same credentials that you use for the SureTel online portal will be used for all our apps.

Andorid App

iOS App

Chrome Extension

4) Now that you are logged in its time for the fun stuff. Go ahead and start making calls, meetings, and chat away. Enjoy and remember we are always here if you need help, just reach out to  SureTel Support 

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