Managing DID's (Phone Numbers)


DID (Phone Number) Setup                   Adding a DID

DID (Phone Number) Setup-

DID also known as Phone Numbers are how calls enter the SureTel phone system. This is the initial point of contact. DID's can point to any feature inside of our system.

1) If you would like your phones to ring just during a specific period of time like business hours start here. If not move on to step 2.

To start with we need to create a Time Condition. Go to Timing --> Time Conditions

1a) Click Add Time Condition

1b) Enter all required fields and click Create

2) Now we need to tell our DID what to do. Go to Call Routing --> DID Routing

3) Click the blue edit button next to the DID you would like to configure

4) Set Default Destination this is the location all calls will go to unless a Inbound Rule is set.

5) If you created a Time Condition you can confige it in the Inbound Rule section. This will override the Default Destination during the time select and perform a different activity. Click Update.

6) Back on the DID Routing page. You will also notice from this screen you can configure E911, Caller-ID, and SMS. These feature are very easy to enable just click the Checkmark and accept the cost change. 

Adding a DID-

1) Go to Call Routing --> DID Routing --> Add New Request

2) Select DID Type (Typically General or Toll-Free)

3) DID Search Type is usually either Prefix (i.e 503, 971, etc) or Region (Oregon)

4) After entering search criteria hit Search

5) Select numbers to purchase from left column and move to right column

6) Click Create 

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