Managing IVR's & Ring Groups

IVR Setup-

An IVR is an automated answering system for your phone calls. The IVR can do many things like allow users to dial an extension, connect to a queue or ring group, or allow callers to access a dial by name directoy.

1) Login to with admin credentials

2) We first need to create a prompt. This will be the message that is played upon accessing the IVR. Under Config, Click Prompt List

3) Click Add Prompt in the upper right hand corner 

4) Enter the name of the Prompt, Then select either File (Upload a precreated file) or Recording (Record via phone)

*** If sending prompt call to an external number fails. Please check under Profile --> External Caller-ID that a number is set. 

5) Click Create. At this point the recording will be uploaded or your phone will ring to complete the recording. Follow the prompt on the phone and once complete move on to the next step.

6) Under Service on the left, select  IVR

7) Click  Add IVR in the upper right hand corner

8) Enter all required details and click Create. Be sure if you want users to dial an extension at any time that the Direct Extension Call toggle is green.

9) Upon creation of the IVR you will be taken to the IRV managment screen. Here you will set what each number press will do. You can also select Dial By Name directory for a number press from the action menu or create a submenu. After you are done making changes click Update to save.

10) The last step is to assign the IVR to a DID. This can be done under the DID managment page under Call Routing --> DID Routing


Ring Group Setup-

1) Login to with admin credentials

2) Under Service on the left, select Ring Group

7) Click  Add Ring Group in the upper right hand corner

8) Enter all required details and click  Create. Here are descriptions of a few items that may be a little confusing.

On Fail Activy: If the timeout is met this is what will happen with the call. It can route to any other feature or person on the phone system.

Display Name in Caller ID: This will send the name of the Ring Group as the caller-id instead of the caller information

Call Feature: Allow for internal people with a feature access code to access system and make calls or call their voicemail.

9) Now that you have your ring group you need to assign it either to an IVR number or a DID.


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