How do I add an extension? (UL)

Adding Extensions-

Extensions are the base of SureTel. Each user that will be using SureTel should have an extension. This guide will walk you through creating new extensions. As always if you need any help please reach out to SureTel Support.

1) Login to with admin credentials

2) Under Service on the left, select Extension

3) Click Add Extension in the upper right hand corner

4) Enter all required details. Here is an overview of the fields you may not understand.

Plan- This relates to limiting features to the extensions. Say for instance you don't want some extensions to have access to Follow-Me you could create a plan to restrict it. Plans are managed under Config --> Plan

Shif- This feature allows you to control the time of day that an extension is allowed to function. Say for instance you don't want employees to be able to make or receive calls outside of business hours you would configure a shift. Shif is managed under Timing --> Shift

Web Password- This password is used for logging in to the web portal and all mobile apps. It does not related to physical phones.

Balance Restriction- Relates to prepaid accounts only. For most customers this should be disabled. If you are a prepaid customer this allows you to restirct amount a $ available to make calls with.

Ring Timeout- This is how long each step in your call path will ring for. For instance if you had Follow-Me enabled to two devices and Ring Timeout set to 30 seconds. The call would first ring to Desk phone & Mobile Apps for 30 seconds, then Number 1 for 30 seconds, finally Number 3 for 30 seconds.

Dial Timeout- This is number of seconds outbound calls will ring for unanswered. 

E911 DID- This field allows the extension to be assigned to an E911 address. With an address selected upon dialing 911 from that extension the address selected is sent to 911. If nothing is select in this field you will not be able to call 911.

Dial-Out & Dial Rule Grou- The settings allow the extension to make external phones calls. The selection of a Dial Rule Group is a way of limiting who the extension can call. By using the Default Rule the extension will be able to call any number in the USA or Canada. If you have international calling enabled they would also be able to dial any country you have requested access to. If you would like to restrict it you can create a new Rule Group under Call Routing --> Rule Group.

Fax- Please see Fax Cover Sheets and Fax Headers

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