Using Fax Headers

How to Enable Fax Headers -

Fax headers are a extension feature. Each extension that has Fax enabled will have access to this features. Here is what this feature looks like. It will add a similar bar to the top of your fax pages.

* Enable in bulk as admin:

1) Login to with admin credentials

2) Under Service on the left, select Extension

3) Use the checkboxes on the left to select all the Extensions you would like to enable the feature on.

4) Under Select Action, click Update All

5)  Check the box by and Enable Fax

6) Upon enabling Fax new option will appear. Please set these to the values that you would like 

7) Click Update

* Enable on an individual extension:

1) Login to with Extension credentials

2) Select Extension Settings on the left

3) Select Fax Header make sure it is set to ON, enter Fax Header Name in box to include on faxes

4) Click Update

If you have any questions please reach out to support via

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