Upgrading to Advanced

What are advanced extensions?

Simply put advanced extension are those with more features. We created advanced extensions to give our customers more control over their phones calls. Once upgraded to advanced you will gain access to the following features.

  • Call Controller
  • Auto Login/Logout of Queues
  • Enhanced Timing Rules for Routing Calls
  • Enhanced Control of Call Routing Including Simultaneous Ring to Desk and Mobile
  • Enhanced Provisioning with Individual User Accounts

How do I upgrade my extension to advanced?

Please keep in mind after completing these steps you will need to reboot all devices and log off and on all mobile apps for that extension.

1) Login to pbx.suretel.co with admin credentials

2) Under Service on the left, select Extension

3) Click Upgrade to Advanced 

4) Click OK to confirm

5) Click OK one more time to confirm you understand you need to reboot

6) Reboot all Devices and Log Off and Log In to all apps

7) You are upgraded to advanced and when logging in as the extension will see new options.

See Managing Advanced Extensions

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