Managing Advanced Extensions

Managing your Advanced Extensions

Configuring Time Conditions

Time Conditions are used for both Queue Auto Login/Logout and Call Routing. By default a all day everyday rule is created. You can add additional rules to fit what you need.

1) Click Add Time Condition

2) Fill out each box as it relates to the rule that you want ( Select Default if you want this to be the rule all new devices will use going forward)

3) Once complete Click Create

Configuring Queue Auto Login/Logout 

Auto Login/Logout of Queues will allow you to set your business hours and from there automatically be logged in at the beginning of your day and out at the end of the day. 

1) Select Type - All Queue or Per Queue. Per Queue will allow you to pick individual ones and set unique hours.

2) Select Time Condition

3) If you selected per Queue you will also need to select the Queue

4) Click Save

Configuring Call Routing (Time Condition Mapping)

Time Condition Mapping allows for more dynamic call routing. Ring at just one device instead of all or add a cell phone number to ring simultaneously.

1) Click Add Time Condition Mapping

2) Select Time Condition

3) Select Type - This will control how devices ring in order

4) Select Fail Activity Number - Typically Voicemail 

5) Enable or Disable Call Waiting - If enabled then multiple calls will ring through even if you are on the phone

6) Enable or Disable Call Screening - If enabled you can select if you want number or name to be read and you will have to press 1 to answer the call

7) Now that you have create the Time Condition we need to add some devices or external numbers - Click Add Mapping

8) Select a Sub Extension or start typing a external number - Remember to press enter to select.

9) Enter Ring Timeout - How long it will ring at that device and click create. If Sequential was selected previously you can create multiple mappings with different Ring Timeouts.

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